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The Microwaveable Heating Pillow with Flax Seeds


Flax seeds are known for their ability to retain heat for the greatest amount of time, giving Pinukit the advantage of keeping you cozy – longer.
Pinukit is handcrafted and hand-designed using only quality materials and original drawings.

Everything you wanted to know about Pinukit!

  • Retains heat for 45 minutes
  • Used for heating or cooling, refreshing in the summer – freeze overnight & stay chill!
  • Scented with natural essential oils
  • Made with a combination of 79% cotton, 3% lycra for flexible stretchiness
  • Silk-screen printed – a high-quality method that maintains its look after extensive use
  • Professionally sewn stitching, for extra strength
  • Pinukit comes in two sizes: Small Size10x27cm 280g/ Big Size13x40 cm 9kg

About Our Design

  • Pinukit has unique drawings for each product which give your home style
  • Each drawing is adapted to symbolize the scents that fill the pillow
  • A handy hook at the top allows you to hang the pillow on the wall between uses

Therapeutic Qualities

  • Pinukit eases pain in different parts of the body.
  • Its unique combination of heat, weight, and scent helps you relax
  • Relaxes muscles and reduces stress in many cases

Pinukit comes in two sizes:
Eye & Yoga 13 x 40 9kg / Neck & Body 10 x 27 280g

Instructions: Heat Pinukit in the microwave. The first time you use Pinukit, try 1 minute and see if it’s as hot as you like it. Each microwave is different. Depending on your microwave, you can heat Pinukit for a maximum of 4 minutes.
For cooling, put in the freezer for 20 minutes but make sure that it does not get damp.
 Do not wash with water.   Keep away from small children.  clean with wipes.


instructions and description of pinukit with illustrations